Saturday, March 30, 2013


Fair warning, there are pics of the inside of my horse's mouth below. If that grosses you out, I suggest you don't look! :)

Anyway, Kieran got his teeth floated yesterday. They were done last year, but just with a hand float and apparently that wasn't enough because he really needed this power float. I think this was a good object lesson in keeping an eye on your horse's teeth so they don't get quite so wacky as Kieran's did. Really, I'm kind of amazed that he's as easy a keeper as he is and that he's never really had any problem with using a bit. It will be interesting to see if he rides any different tomorrow.

Anyway, pictures, ahoy!

Before picture of the left side of his mouth. See that ridiculously long tooth back there? There's still other teeth behind it that you can almost see. The edges of these teeth also were kind of sharp so that had to go too.

Not a very good before pic of the right side of the mouth but that big tooth I did know about as in previous floats it's been mentioned to me. He's missing the bottom tooth under it so it doesn't have anything to grind against. That's his front molar though and you can just see other teeth behind it. According to the vet yesterday, he wasn't sure that the previous floats had actually gotten back that far due to the big front tooth.

After shots, smoothed out now. (that grass is there because as soon as the speculum came off, he dove for the grass and then we talked about getting after shots so we put it back on for a minute but didn't actually flush all the grass out)

Kieran was really good for the whole ordeal, even though he had to be sedated a second time because he started getting antsy in the middle (it took a while even with the power float!). Vet actually complimented him on how well he stood for the whole thing.

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