Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just pictures

Wiped. Going to bed soon. Don't feel up also uploading videos, so here's just some screencaps from the lesson today.

Didn't post about it, but we had a flat lesson on Sunday, mostly working on transitions up and down. Canter to halt needs some work. :)


Okay, ignore my position and look at him. :)

His "I'm so awesome" face.

Yes, he really does this.

Anyway, today started with a nice warmup, then some trot poles and large circles before we started the meat of the lesson. Basically, Jessica wanted us to use a couple of jumps and progressively come at them from different gaits so I could see how it felt and changed his jump and how we had to approach them, etc.

So it went like: normal trot->extended trot->collected trot
Then -> normal canter->extended canter->collected canter

More or less, we changed up the sequence a bit here and there but that was the idea. There was definitely a difference in how he (we?) jumped depending on how we came in and how stretched out or compacted he was. It was pretty neat to feel.

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