Sunday, March 10, 2013

Even more Jumping

So today I told Jessica that I wanted to work more on cantering into jumps since mostly we've been trotting in->cantering out. Anyway, that led to doing a lot of counting strides in time with his leading leg and doing basic combinations but it was really good work. :)

Kieran was definitely full of himself today and totally psyched about what we were doing, though that meant I really had to work at using half halts and sitting back to get him to not get strung out.

Anyway, I forgot my camera so we only got one video that Jessica sneakily took during our last bit of the lesson where she had us canter over one small jump, then come around and do a combination, then turn left out of it (we came off at the wrong lead and had to trot a bit and canter again, but even though you can hear Jessica telling me to trot on the video, I didn't hear her when I was riding, I just felt it [finally] wasn't correct and had him trot on my own. Go me!) and come around to do the last combination.

Kieran was a total champ today. I'm so proud of him. I feel like we're really getting somewhere.

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