Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look, ma, no stirrups!

Though I am riding in the cushy Cashel bareback pad. Considered going without but I didn't want my butt to get all sweaty and dirty so....borrowed this from the barn. :)

Anyway, we've been working on walk to canter transitions. And my big thing here is working on pushing my legs down at the canter as they have a tendency to draw upward. (Hanna said I looked like a jockey)

We also did a lot of walking serpentine and circle shapes and had some practice at standing still when asked to halt. (sometimes he's great [when he thinks we're done] and sometimes he gets fidgety [when he thinks we should still be moving]. So when he fidgeted and danced around, I made him trot out (he was very surprised when I kicked him to go, hah) and then after really pushing him, asked him to halt again. Then he stood.)

Anyway, here, have some video!