Friday, June 11, 2010

OMG a post that isn't about Kieran!!!!!!11!

So the big pony got his teeth done today and was therefore not up for any riding. I ended up driving over to Christina's parents' farm where she keeps her horses and ...somehow... ended up riding both.

See, Christina had a baby a bit back so her horses have pretty much been out of work though both have been ridden a couple times since she had the baby. However, she obviously can't ride both horses at the same time so she asked me if I'd ride one and I got to pick which.

I originally chose Vegas, the draft cross (or whatever he is, some kind of mutt) she adopted from Gentle Giants, because I've ridden him before. And he was okay riding around in the barn (they don't have a ring at her parents place so if she wants somewhere "contained" to ride, she rides the circle of the aisleway around the barn.) but once we got outdoors a bit, he started gettind jiggy and stuff and I didn't feel overly comfortable (and I started remembering how impressively he's able to buck when he wants to, even though he is currently fat and out of shape!) so Christina said we could switch and I could ride her other horse, Tax, instead.

Now, Tax is an 18 year old TB that doesn't always realize he's not a racing horse anymore and hasn't been one for a while. I've seen some of the things he's capable of pulling. But today, he looked pretty relaxed and easygoing so I hopped up and...he remained so! So we rode around (walking, her horses aren't up to doing any more than that right now) her parents' farm, up in the woods, up and downhill, for maybe about an hour. It was nice.

And now I get to say I've ridden the dreaded Tax on an trail ride, LOL. :)