Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Baby

So, I finally have a horse of my own. His name is Kieran (though the name he came with was "Kyron's Keepsake"). He is, I admit, not really what I was looking for.

What I was looking for: around 10, solid with some chrome, draft cross, solid with a lot of miles

What he is: 5, mostly white paint/percheron thing, and very, very green. Apparently, he and his brother were purchased/rescued (PMUs, I think) several years ago by the lady I bought him from. Both were to be training projects for she and her husband. Kieran here was hubby's project and...I guess the project never really happened. So within the last year or so, they decided they would just sell him but before they did, they wanted to get some training on him to help ensure he'd get a good home (good for them!). So they had a trainer put some time on him and he was ridden at least a couple of times but I really don't know the extent of that. And that was also like eight months ago.

He has had a lot of ground work. He's very good for leading, he lunges well, he does all that round pen natural horsemanship stuff that I really don't know the details of, to be honest. He gives to rein pressure, etc.

He's also a mite bit spoiled. As in: he didn't want to hold his feet up for me to pick them out. So he jerked the foot out of my hand. I picked it up again. He took it away again. I smacked his shoulder. He stomped around and threw a tantrum. As near as we can figure, he must've never really been reprimanded before.

Uh anyway, I've been looking for a horse for a bit now (as mentioned in my previous post. Update on Bridget: she bucked when I asked her to canter, I came off and sprained my ankle pretty impressively and decided she wasn't the horse for me.) and the lady who previously owned Kieran called Christine at Gentle Giants up and wanted her help in finding a home for him as she had never sold a horse before and was afraid of him ending up in a bad place, etc.

Christine says, more or less, "actually, I know someone looking for a good horse, we'll come out and see him!" So we do. And, as I said, he wasn't really what I was looking for. But he has a kind eye and he's put together well and he seems sensible and trainable and Christine and I both like him a lot (and I really trust her judgement in good horses). So the next day I brought him home (well to Gentle Giants). Of course, he only stayed there about a week before he went off to the trainer's which is where he is now.

Trainer says he's coming along well, they've walked and trotted and were supposed to hit the trails this weekend. More updates when I get 'em. :)