Sunday, February 3, 2013

All the jumping

Yesterday was a lesson-day and we spent it doing 'courses' and slowly raising up jumps again. By the time we finished, we did so with a 2'9" jump so that was pretty cool. Kieran was on it all day, just really ready to go. I'm glad he's enjoying his job. :)

We also encountered a "scary" jump, one of the lattices, but I wove dollar store flower garlands into it. He didn't care, LOL.

No pictures because I forgot my camera, but I have a few from today.

Jessica just trailered over one of her horses she's working with and had a 'fun' day using the same jumps we did yesterday but a bit lower because her horse isn't working that high yet. Anyway, here's a few screencaps.

I know it's tiny, but I just love how he looks here. He's offering me this more and more now instead of the old strung out on the forehand canter he used to have.

Scary flowers!

Happy pony.

He's so pretty. :)

Good boy! Let's cool out now. :)

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