Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hip to be Square

Had a good lesson today. Mostly flatwork, though we popped over the crossrails I'd left in the corner a couple of times as a reward for Kieran so he could so something 'fun' when he'd been good.

The idea today was working on square halts and kind of pushing Kieran into the bridle. Lots of trot->halt->trot transitions, some trotting circles (spiraling ones and regular 20 meter circles), a bit of work over ground poles, and some cantering. Kieran stayed happy and quite cooperative throughout the whole ride though it was funny at one point, we had a long walk break because I got caught up in talking with Jessica about a new horse she'd got and then when I went to trot again, you could tell Kieran was like FINALLY we can do some WORK. I was so BORED. :)

Anyway, a bunch of videos below of most of what we worked on.

Worked on trotting around the 'ring' and halting on every side and tried to get a square halt. I love how on the last one here he's kind of like, "okay, what do I do with this foot???"

Had a nice canter around the ring since he really wanted to go and he'd done good work so let him do something he wanted to do.

Did some trotting spiraling circles.

Trotted over the extended trot poles, then picked up a canter for the canter poles, then came around and gave Jessica a heart attack, oops.

Did some cantering around a circle.

Went around the other way.

Sitting trot, 20 meters.

Gave him the reins and let him stretch out at the trot.

Finally ended with doing the poles on the side again (extended trot to canter) and then around the ring to the crossrails, then halting at the gate. See how he tucks his rear under him to halt? I figure that's pretty damn amazing progress from where we started. :)

And we ended on a very good note. :)

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Heather said...

I love seeing the video's! GIves me hope that one day Heidi will be just as good as Kieran!