Sunday, January 27, 2013


Okay, so had our lesson. It was really, really good. Kieran was a total superstar. Mostly what we had set up was a jump we were using in the center of the ring. It started out as your basic crossrail with a ground pole on either side set out about 6-12 inches to make it look wider so Kieran couldn't come right up to the base of it and hop over. The jump progressively grew taller and wider, until we were going over about 2'6" high and about that wide as well.

Jessica wanted to do 'wide' to encourage Kieran to stretch out and also so we'd have a bit more 'airtime' so I could have more time to work on my position. Which. Still needs a lot to be desired, I realize, but I see improvement in it even from last week. I think my ride yesterday helped with that and I think in general riding more often will help. Mostly I just tried to remember: weight in heels, calf on, look up!

Also, I'd forgotten my crop in the tack room so Jessica said she'd go back and get it if Kieran got lazy. Well let me just say, he was anything but. He was totally down with the lesson today and rarin' to go. It was really great and I think it helped me since it was one less thing I had to think about keeping track of and let me concentrate more on my legs and less on my hands.

So anyway, below are some screencaps and below that are some videos from today.

One of our first jumps. Look how nice he's going! And remember, most of these he's jumping from a trot and he still looks really good!

This is one that shows how much my form needs work but my actual point here is...this is one we trotted into. Look how nicely he brought his hind legs together, look how he's pulled his knees up!

Seriously, this horse is amazing.

Cantering away like a boss. ;)

Afterward he got an extra-special bran mash as a treat.

I believe this is the one we were actually on the wrong lead the whole time and I remember thinking, "I think he's on the wrong lead" but since he felt pretty balanced and I didn't want to screw up his forward momentum, I didn't want to take him back down to a trot for a simple change.

Just figured we'd hop over some of the other low stuff so we weren't doing the entirely same thing every time.

Last one of the day, figured it was a good note to end on.

Anyway, the title is because, well...Kieran was pretty damn consistent the whole time. Willing to listen and just...jumping pretty nicely over everything I asked him to do. I'm really, really happy with him. I just need to catch up now!

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Kylie Standish said...

You guys are looking AWESOME!! I just love him, he looks like a blast! Keep up the good work!!