Sunday, August 28, 2011

No lethal butterflies today

But he did decide the stirrups were going to eat him again. So far he's done this twice, both times in the arena when I'm about to take him over to the mounting block to get on. I suspect it's more of a "get out of working in the arena" thing because he didn't flick an ear when I did the stirrups yesterday by the hitching post and he doesn't care when I run them back up.

That said, he didn't seem otherwise wiggy so we went back out to the woods. He was a bit wired again and when we were trotting I could feel him going, "you want to canter? I could totally canter. Can't we canter?" but I convinced him he should just trot. I do notice that his issue with striking his front feet with his hind feet seems to disappear entirely when he's actually moving out instead of just sort of dragging himself along.

Annnnnd....that's really it.

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