Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kieran has a ball [AND we're finally starting lessons up again soon!]

I've been suspecting lately that Kieran's been getting bored in the arena so I've tried to change things up a bit. One of the things that was fun in the past was to chase a horse soccer ball around. The one we used to use stayed back at Gentle Giants but I found one for a reasonable price on Valley Vet the other day and it arrived in the mail this afternoon!

It was great right up until he trampled it and the little plastic plug that holds the air in popped out. Still haven't found it...hope I can before they mow the arena! :lol:

Anyway, we had a good ride. Much better than our ride the other day (where I got off and lunged him in the middle because he just felt weird and antsy and I was actually kind of scared on him...which...I'm never scared on him, so it was weird. Looking at the video, he looks fine so I don't know what I was feeling, but nobody was around and I didn't want to push things just in case something wacky happened. Anyway, got off and lunged him a bit, made sure he'd started listening and burned off some of that energy, then got back on and rode for a few more minutes, just w/t.

So today...lunged him for a few minutes before I got on, just to see how he was feeling, and he settled in pretty quickly so I hopped on and he was very good.

ALSO, have finally hooked up with an instructor who'll come out and lesson us at the farm. First lesson is on this Tuesday night! I can't wait, I've been feeling kind of in a rut and actually not overly motivated, I think I need a second pair of eyes! :)

And now, finally, the screencaps and video. (as usual, just set the video on a post and let it run, so we move in and out of frame. The most interesting bit is the part at the beginning with the ball.)

Yes, I can definitely tell I'm in dire need of instruction.

Getting on and going

My elbows, MY ELBOWS


Go, Kieran, go!

Cute horse

I actually don't think I look terrible here

Or here

Next three pics are me asking for a canter and getting a fast trot but I'm obviously not helping matters myself. These pictures make me cringe. I'm only including them because his tail is pretty.

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