Thursday, August 18, 2011

It never ends, does it?

So, I went to see Kieran today and when I took off his flymask, this face greeted me:

Here's a closeup:

So I'm like, "OMG WHAT DID HE DO TO HIS EYEBALL?" Remember, he had a flymask on, so it makes it unlikely he got something in there. BO suspects it's allergies, actually, since he's so itchy already too so he's going to be put on antihist. In the meantime, we also put some eye goop in his eye in case it is a scratch to stave off infection. She said if it didn't look substantially better in the morning, she'd call the vet.

I will say, I think he was more squinting not because it hurt but because whatever it is made him light sensitive. As the sun went down, he opened his eye more.

Anyway, needless to say, we didn't ride. So I just played dressup with him instead (I was waiting for the BO to get there with the eye goop as she volunteered to stop by TSC for it on the way home from work which was faster than me leaving the farm and driving up to TSC and back to get it).

Yes, those are blue hair extension thingies. There may be more on the way. Ebay is an amazing thing.

And that's the State of the Kieran.

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