Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey look, videos!

Okay, despite the previous post, I did ride tonight. I made sure to use a clean (chafe-less) girth and tried out a Rambo neoprene half pad for the saddle fit issue and it seems to be helping. Anyway, part of the riding was spent on gaming patterns (at a trot!) and part was spent on a bit of cantering. Since the real "lesson" bit was that second part, that's what I'll post the vids of.

My takeaway was that I need to work more in two-point and build up muscle there (I really haven't done it much in a while) and I need to canter him that way and slowly settle back into sitting to canter because right now I'm sitting too much on my ass (as Carey says) and letting the weight come out of my stirrups.

First, trying to sit.

In two point but stirrups too long.

In two-point with stirrups up a hole.


Beth said...

Looking good! You and your horse look very nice together. I think you need to pull your leg back a bit. It looks like you still have a bit of a chair seat. Do you have Sally Swift's Centered Riding? Great book.

Analise said...


And no, I don't have that book, I've looked for it when I go to tack stores, but haven't run across it yet, amazingly enough. :( I should probably just get it off Amazon or something as I've seen it recommended enough times. :)

And something I didn't post over here but thought about....

That's a shot from last night and this is a shot from nearly a year ago, I do at least think I see improvement, but I am pretty aware my leg is still a bit more forward than it ought to be. :)

PruSki said...

i watched a video of a lesson with Ruth Poulson and she explained the easiest way to keep your legs back. Push your knees towards the ground. Her key word was "garden knees." i tried it and it automatically pushed my leg under me where it was suppose to be. If you can just remember to push your knees down it might help. Here is a link to the video...

Analise said...

Thanks, PruSki! I've never heard of that but I'll certainly try it!

(and check out the video later when I can see youtube. :) )