Monday, April 5, 2010

Apparently Kieran wants to go Prelim!

So yesterday, a few of us went on an Easter morning trail ride. The first real ride of the year! We rode out from the parking area, across the rode, and down through the woods until we got to the river (small river :) ). We stopped there to let the horses drink and splash around a bit. At this point, you can either cross the river or go back up onto the trail we were on before that continues parallel to it for a while. Christine said go up to your left (which I took to mean crossing the river but what she really meant was "go back to the original trail and turn left" to keep going in the direction we had been traveling before the pit stop) so I turned left. And then she was like, "no your other left!" basically.

Except that on that side of the river, you kind of go up a slope which is fine, but the nice slope is right next to a fairly vertical bank of a couple feet. So we get up on top of the bank and now I have to get Mr. Horse to turn around and go back down the slope. "But, Mom!" he says, "it's a more direct and faster route if I just hop down this bank back into the water!" For some reason, he didn't understand I wanted him to turn around go nicely back down the slope, for a second it really felt like he was going to try hopping off into the water.

We went down the slope, but after Christine said speculatively, "you know, they have banks like that in prelim eventing..."

I just think my horse needs his eyes checked. ;)

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