Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, due to possible saddle fit issues (I've gotten, "no actually it looks okay and it's all in your head" to "OMG what you're describing means its too tight!" to "actually it looks a bit too wide, you need more padding"....*facedesk*. I'm in contact with a professional now, just to be on the safe side.) and a girth gall that popped up (I think I've been girthing him too tightly *is a bad horsey mom* and his girth needs cleaning), we didn't ride last night.

We did, however, do some ground driving and lunging, just to do something. He was, as usual, a very good boy. The lunging was cool because I could see how much more difficult it is for him to pick up a canter to the right (think I've mentioned it before)...now I just need to figure out what it is exactly that makes it more difficult for him (at least, since he did it on his own without being under saddle, I can assume it's not me, LOL). I imagine it's simply a "sidedness" fitness issue that will work itself out as he continues to get fit.

He's also got some skin ick near his hocks, mostly on his left hind. I've been cleaning it periodically and treating with MTG. Christine thinks he just laid in something gross and now has a bit of a bacterial infection thing going on. It's making his hair fall out in that spot though. *sigh*
He's also STILL shedding. I make furbabies every time I groom him. But I LOVE my slick 'n easy grooming block!

And here, have a pic!

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