Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3 Lesson

This was a "work on me" sort of lesson, so mostly was supposed to be done in two-point and the idea was to come in to one of the "jumps" on one lead, then go make a loop (trotting)  to go the other direction and come around at the other jump on the other lead. One of my big problems is about thinking ahead (without overthinking it and getting flustered) where we'll be over the jump and only then do I think "now where are we going?" when I should've already been thinking about that. So a couple times tonight I managed to actually think ahead and be on top of things so I'm happy with that. Kieran wasn't too thrilled since the jumps never changed so we tried to keep it interesting by doing it from different directions and stuff like that.

Pictures are all screencaps and I uploaded one of the videos Jessica took for me. :)

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