Sunday, July 22, 2012

His Mane is all Gone!

Yeah, so...lesson last week was good but I, uh, forgot to write about it. Basically, we worked on rollbacks and lifting around turns (so to speak) and by the end of it, Jessica had us doing a little jump course of five jumps (and one ground pole we had to canter over in the pattern). It was really hard work!

We were going to lesson today, but there was a massive system of clouds moving in and the sound of thunder moving steadily closer as I was getting Kieran and brushing him off so I called Jessica and asked to reschedule for Tuesday.

Anyway, I also cut all of Kieran's mane off last week but didn't take pictures (all except his forelock and a little tassle by his withers for a handhold =P) so since I had my camera with me today, I took some pictures....

Yes, those are chickens in the stall behind him. Why stall horses when you can stall chickens? :)

He really needs a bath. He sweats in this heat and then he rolls and it all just sticks to him so brushing is really a lost cause.


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Rebecca said...

I love it! I love a roached or mohawked mane! :o)