Saturday, July 9, 2011


Wasn't able to make it back out to the farm all week.

Today? I was like, "yes! I'm going to go! Early in the afternoon! To miss the rain that's supposed to come later!"

Yeah, I get halfway there and the bottom falls out of the sky so I decide, "screw it, I'll go and cuddle my pony and we'll do some sort of ground work in the rain, whatever."

So that's what we did. I went and cuddled him and gave him treats then we went and did some ground work. Mr. Kieran was enjoying the freedom of the big ring too much though so we ended up going to the round pen and having a reminder session that he's supposed to be listening to me. My fault, I should have been prepared to actually work in the big ring but of course...I wasn't. Next time I'll bring a lunge line and get myself a proper whip instead of trying to free lunge him in there (it worked okay at the old farm because their ring was smaller and not grassy but here it's just too easy for him to get out of reach and then start grazing until I catch up to him, ugh).

Anyway, after that I took him back to his field just stuck around scritching his ears and talking to him a bit. I noticed he looks like he's been scratching the front of his neck on things (and a couple of not-so-straight-anymore fence posts) and I'm concerned bugs are bothering him or maybe he's got an allergy to something in GA. :( Will have to figure out what it is before he gets too itchy.

Of course, about the time I wrapped everything up and was on my way out (just talking a bit with the BO first)...of course the rain stopped. You know, after I was soaked, LOL.

Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't do that to me again tomorrow.

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