Sunday, June 19, 2011

Better ride today!

Brought a friend of mine out to the farm to meet Kieran. I offered to let her ride him but she wasn't prepared (mostly she didn't want to get pooped riding out in the heat and not have anything left for her own lesson tonight!). Anyway, she did kindly take a few pictures and videos of us so I figured I'd share them.

Kieran was a lot calmer today than he was yesterday. I think he's fully settled in and figured out this is "home" now. We didn't have a bad ride yesterday, but today's ride was simply...better.

I felt weird riding in just jeans half chaps are in a box on a truck somewhere between here and Maryland!

We didn't ride very long today either (about 25 minutes?). Mostly walking, some cantering, and a few times trotting over a couple of poles. Kieran was very good. :)

I figure as time goes on, I can slowly up the amount of time we ride, but right now I think he's still getting acclimated to the heat. It's definitely taking longer to cool him out now than it did in Maryland.

Otherwise, he seems pretty happy with his new situation, so I'm glad of that.


BrassLimit said...

Looks great! Everything is so green and Kieran is so white :) I suppose I have to be an official follower of your blog now. Before I was just like...meh...I will see her on Thursday anyway. Now I have to send ear scriches via the internet.

Analise said...

LOL, yeah, I try to post about him more here than on facebook or elsewhere (though it looks like I need to start him a new album on facebook, LOL, we ran out of room!)

Anyway, he's not so clean anymore, he got turned out in his field today with his new buddy (who promptly nailed him in the chest for getting too close before they were properly acquainted, hah. My mom was shocked and I laughed. I don't think it fazed Kieran at all)