Monday, May 30, 2011


Went on a nice two hour trail ride with Christina yesterday in the Patapsco State Park. I am so going to miss that place when we move, LOL. We got to wade in the river (on horseback) which Kieran gets a kick out of (he loves stomping in the water). And we had two of our longest-ever trots on the trail. We also popped over a couple of logs. Mostly, we just enjoyed the day, it was nice. There's something to be said for big group rides, sure, but I have to say I've had the most fun trail rides when it's only a couple of people. Kieran seems more relaxed, too.

The ride was also a really good length. Any longer probably would have been too much for him since we're still working on getting him back into shape (and definitely would have been too much for Vegas who has a harder time in the heat and isn't quite as fit as Kieran is currently).

Guess if we do any riding today, I'll have to go easy on him. :)

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