Sunday, May 22, 2011


Seriously. I went out and spent all day at the farm today and when I finally got to hop on Kieran (right after he gave a lesson [not that he'd worked hard] so he was already warmed up) and we just did some trotting around over the poles that were already set up and a few times around at a canter before we walked outside up and down the driveway to cool out.

I could. not. stop. smiling!

I missed him so much, I would have been happy just to sit on him. He's so amazing.

After that, he got a quick foamy bath which...normally he kind of dances at the wash rack a bit but today he was pretty content to stand there and let me spray him. I imagine it felt good since it was pretty warm today.

Of course, he didn't get fully dry before it was time to turn everybody out so he ended up ruining the bath but least he's only got surface dirt on now. :)

Sorry, no pics...I had my camera with me but didn't take one picture. Maybe tomorrow after I go up after work. :)