Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Lesson Report

Lesson tonight. Spent most of it riding over poles and a good chunk of that doing so without reins at both a trot and a canter. Also did some jumping and got video of the last couple times through. We did not end on the second jump you see in the video below but went back through and did it once more where he didn't knock the jump before we ended. Anyway, stuff I noticed watching myself: my elbow angle doesn't change at the canter so I'm not really following his mouth (hence there's points where I have contact and points where there's slack in the rein). Also, my legs are way in front of me and I can't seem to properly get my heels down (okay, these are things I've known, but they're annoying. I always feel like I'm keeping my heels down and then I watch myself and no...not down).

And some screencaps:

Kieran is pretty! not. Everything I hate about my position. Feet too far forward and pretty level. Shoulders kind of hunched. Ugh.

And the first jump from the vid:

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