Monday, March 28, 2011


Went to work with Kieran (was going to do some lunging, mostly, with side reins. Maybe over poles if I felt like dragging them around). But just got him trotting and...

...he looked off. Called Christine over, had him trot for her. "Yes, she says, he's off on the left front". I'd already picked out his feet so knew there wasn't anything in there (and hadn't noticed anything unusual when I did) so we suspect a bruise/abscess is brewing. When we were riding around the farm yesterday, we did go on some rock we hadn't before so he could've done it there. Either way, he got the night off. I did take a few pictures of him beforehand, though:

And, update on the Clydes...

The yearling with the nail out of her hoof is running a fever (was 105something without banamine, 102something after banamine). Leg is swollen and hot and she's not a fan of being kept in a stall. She's learning about being scritched by humans, though! (we took a while tonight to just scritch her wherever she liked best so she wouldn't associate humans with unpleasant things like getting her temperature taken and getting shots...)

The others seem to be okay. The three year old is in the stall adjoining the yearling and seems totally content to be there. The other two mares are outside in a smallish pen where they can see but not get to other horses (quarantine precaution).

Here's the three year old enjoying her stall:

Sunrise, the yearling:

The roan mare is the three year old's damn

And the other mare

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Dom said...

I'm so worried about the yearling. Rooting for her so hard :(

And no lameness allowed!