Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Picture Musings

A friend gave me this neat frame for Christmas, basically, it's four different shapes of frames arranged together in a sort of square shape, like this:

Except the pictures in the lower left and upper right are square and there's a bit of space in the middle and the frames sort of overlap each other. But you get the idea!

Anyway, they put a picture of me riding Kieran outdoors last winter in one frame, him playing with the horse soccer ball in another, us at the Howard county show in hand in the third, and him making a funny face for the camera in the fourth. It's really cute. I had it at home, but it was in a sort of out of the way spot, so I brought it to work. I don't even have to turn my head much to look at it and there's Kieran!

It's funny, but just looking at pictures of my horse makes me feel irrationally happy. :)

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