Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mr. Grumpy-pants

So Kieran has been a touch girthy for a while now. He had girth galls this past summer that took forever to heal up (and when I did think they would, they'd turn all pink again) and it started around the same time so I figured it was related to that. Never anything very bad, just sort of a sidelong look and a bit of stepping around while I tighten the girth (and note: I never just crank it up in one go. I usually start on the lowest hole, inch it up a few, go to the other side, inch it get the idea).

Anyway, tonight he didn't just look at me sidelong, but really put his ears back (which he's not wont to do) and looked annoyed (remember: most level-headed horse ever). I mean...okay, it wasn't hugely demonstrative, he didn't try to take a chunk out of me or anything, but something obviously made him uncomfortable (it's possible he was just grumpy and didn't want to work because I was tacking him up at the same time all the other horses were getting turned out).

As near as I can tell, he's not back sore (Christina and I both poked and prodded his back) and the saddle ought to fit him. There wasn't anything poky-like on the saddle pad (Or the girth, which is covered in a fleecy thing because the neoprene bothered him [think it contributed to the girth galls]). And no galls. He wasn't off when I rode (we just did a half-hour lesson and it was mostly focused on me. My riding endurance goes to crap if I don't ride for a couple of weeks!) but he did wring his tail some when made to work (see: trot) and he just seemed a bit...out of sorts.

Like I said, he's not very demonstrative most of the time. This could be nothing. But I have a niggling feeling there's a problem brewing I want to nip in the bud before it turns into something ugly.

Anyway, Christina knows a good saddle fitter she's going to recommend to me so I'll at least get the saddle double checked. It's probably also time for the vet to check his teeth (again, because his are crazy). After that, not sure. I mean, he gets tons of turnout (like, he's out more than he's in), has a pretty relaxed lifestyle, and isn't on any high sugar/carb feed (worried about EPSM, he's on a high fat diet), and gets all the hay he can stuff himself with (alfalfa mix inside, and whatever's in the round bales outside, currently drawing a blank).

Thoughts? Anyone who wants to tell me I'm overreacting and it's nothing and he just had a grumpy pony day?

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