Saturday, December 7, 2013

Storey Mill Fun Show

So I am way too lazy (and tired, at this point) to retype up everything that happened today. Instead, I'm copying and pasting from where I posted it somewhere else. :)


So woke up this morning with the pitter patter of rain outside and was like OHNOES I HAVE A THING TO GO TO. But they'd said they wouldn't cancel as long as it wasn't I just got up and got ready and went and grabbed the pony and trailered him down the road. A nearby farm was having a "fun show" which really mostly means come as you are and do some show type classes. I had meant to get Kieran cleaner before we got there (if I'd realized it was going to warm up as much as it did, I would've just bathed him) but between rain and mud..well, I did the best I could (he looks better in the pics at least, hah).

So the first part of the day they had in hand class, a lead line class, a few "go as you please" classes (w/t for everybody, then w/t for spotted horses [hah], then w/t/c open), some western classes, two english classes (the second one was w/t/c and it was only me and another lady. The judge had to keep coming up with different things for us to do before she could make a decision because apparently we were pretty closely matched), some games (ribbon race, egg and spoon, red light greenlight) and obstacle course. Most people did that last one in hand, but three of us did it riding.

Everybody was in love with Kieran...I think if I'd said he was for sale, somebody would've made me an offer. Several people invited me to go riding with them (yay, horsey friends). We did really well, and actually ended up winning the high point award at the end (which included a pretty horse-head shaped wreath).

We did, however, fail at red light green light, LOL. Kieran did find with the going and stopping thing. But he didn't want to stand still once stopped so we got disqualified pretty quick, alas. :lol:

The obstacle course was mostly good. There were two options for using the rain slicker, you could just pick it up and drape it in front of the saddle, or you could put it on for bonus. We'd done a rain slicker before at a competitive trail ride so I figured he'd have no problem with me putting it on. That slicker had been rather smaller though and a much less offensive color. So Kieran was fine with the picking up but the putting on...well. Not so much. We got it sorted though and no harm done. Anyway, there's video of that.




We're way on the end.

This was the other obstacle he had a bit of trouble with though he'd had no issue walking around it. Walking through was just disturbing, yo. :)







Obstacle course video:


Heather said...

HE's such a good boy!!! LOVE the pictures and video! One day I will do stuff like this with my girl! How big is Keiran? He looks massive, is it all the winter fuzz??

Analise said...

He's about 16.3 ish. And yes, he's extra fuzzy right now (and certainly standing next to all the 'normal' sized horses just makes him look bigger. Most of those guys were in the 15hh range.)

Carly said...

I love his flopped over ears!

kbryan said...

You have a beautiful pony! Hope you two have a happy and safe holiday season together.

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