Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jumping Lesson Last Week (9/9/12)

So here's a bunch of pictures from our lesson last week. Jessica set up another 'course' and then would tell us different sets of jumps to do until we were doing all of the jumps in one go.

We did have a moment of "this is why you must have impulsion going into a jump" at one point, because at the little one-stride, we didn't and Kieran caught one of the poles between his front legs as he went over it and ended up basically tripping over it and falling down. He was okay, though and got immediately back up and started eating grass like nothing happened.

Anyway, what I like about these pictures is that...yeah, I'm still throwing myself up and forward out of the saddle a lot instead of folding the way I should...there's also several pictures of me doing more folding and less throwing, so at least I'm slowly improving? :) (Also, more pictures of me LOOKING UP over the jumps!)

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Dom said...

Kieran looks so relaxed. I love it.