Saturday, August 25, 2012

Traaaaaaail Ride

Took a trail ride today. Actually brought my camera along, though I admit our trails aren't terribly exciting, they're still pretty with all the green? :)

Heading out the gate off the farm.

We head down this driveway, cross in front of the trailer, and head in to the woods over on the right hand side of the picture

It's a lumber tree farm, so most of the trails are pretty straight and wide and the trees tend to be in rows.

MacGyver is just adorable here

See what I mean about rows?

It really amuses me that the dark part of Kieran's mane is half the thickness of the white part.

This was on the trail heading back to the barn and I had him turned away from it so we could get a pic. Kieran is saying here, " See. The barn is THAT way."

Then he straightened up. :)
Oh yeah, and my BO who was behind us took some pictures with her iphone.

This one shows off my snazzy half chaps. ;)

Her horse is spotted, too.

Does Kieran's butt make mine look smaller?

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