Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When did Fall happen?

So today it was unseasonably cool. If this is a preview of what Fall will be like, all I can say is, "moar plzkthx". I half-expected Kieran to be full of beans today and snorty but actually he was really mellow and willing to listen. I put him on the lunge line first, just to gauge how responsive he'd be and he was really good so I hopped on and we worked more on the homework from our last lesson.

We were supposed to have a lesson tonight, actually, but Jessica got held up and wasn't able to make it so we've rescheduled for Thursday evening. Too bad, because it probably would have been amazing but oh well, we got a good ride in. Lots and lots of circles (both on the rail and off, big and small) and working on that rhythm at the trot and getting him to pay attention to how I change my posting rhythm.

We do need to have some remedial "stand at the mounting block" class though as he likes to stand stock still until I start to get on the block, then swing his butt away or take a few steps. Today instead of just sighing, getting down, and repositioning the block, I growled at him and gave him a smack. Only took two repetitions before he stood for mounting.

Of course, I got off to open the arena gate and went to get back on so we could do our cool down walking around the farm and he got shitty about standing again so we repeated and when he stood, I just stood on the block for a minute and patted him and told him good boy, that's what I want. We'll see if it sticks. I anticipate a few rides where what we do mostly is me getting on, riding around, getting off, getting on, riding around, getting off, getting on...


But other than that, nice ride. He seemed more engaged today so that was nice, too. Maybe it was just the cool weather. I know I feel more interested in work outside when the weather's nice than when it's all hot and icky.

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