Friday, November 12, 2010

Horse Soccer!

Introduced Kieran to the horse soccer ball yesterday. As you can see, he was terrified:

Now, to just teach him he's supposed to push it around...


Dom said...

I've been dying to get a ball like that for my horse. He's incredibly clever and I'd love to give his brain something new to do. He'll humor me by holding his Jolly Ball, but doesn't take much interest in it. This photo made me squee :)

Analise said...

Kieran humors me but he doesn't get it. I figured it would be something he'd be all over but...not so much. He will follow me and push it with his front legs if it's in his way. And he'll sniff it. I've been praising him every time he kicks it out of his way or shows any interest in it.

(he'll also humor me by trotting after it if I'm riding him, but he's still like, "uh, Mom, why are you asking me to run into an object? Aren't I supposed to avoid doing that?")