Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kieran speaks! an Animal Communicator

Someone up at the barn scheduled this animal communicator lady to come talk to some of the horses and I figured, what the hey, right? And got in on it. Some of it I believe was cold reading but some of it...I'm not sure where she got the idea from, you know? Anyway, it was interesting, I've always wanted to see what one would say about Kieran.

So, she talked to several other horses first and then I went and got Kieran out of his stall and brought him down the aisle to her to munch on some hay while we talked. One of the first things she said about him is that he likes to have fun and kind of...not joke around, but it's sort of that personality (I don't remember the precise wording). She said he thinks I need to lighten up and not worry so much and that if we do more fun, ridiculous kind of stuff, he'll agree to work harder. (but that I might have to remind him from time to time of that promise). She said while he wants me to 'lighten up', he also needs me to help keep him grounded because he can be kind of head in the clouds. She said he'd pretty much do anything for me (or at least try to do what I want).

She also mentioned something about how he likes to smash things with his feet. Something about smashing. I have no idea where that one came from because I've not witnessed it. She suggested he might want a pumpkin to smash or something like that, and then eat it.

She said he liked the ball (we've tried to get him to play with a jolly ball a few times, which she did not know) and that he wants a BIG ball.

She said he's very sensitive and while of course he likes praise, I could really hurt his feelings if I reprimand him too harshly.

Uhm, what else?

She said he likes to know how many "lessons" we're going to be doing. Like I should tell him this is the first of eight. I didn't clarify if she meant like, lesson sessions (since other people ride him from time to time) or if she meant like...things I'm going to teach him in a given session but I'd imagine the latter. He also thinks we work for too long (hah) but that he thinks I'm a good teacher.

I asked if he thought he'd like to try jumping and she said no, he didn't think so, he didn't think it was very fun.

I asked where he wanted to be itched and she said she was getting image of him shaking his leg like a dog and like I should try around the inside of his hocks. She also asked who had been scratching the insides of his ears (one of the other girls in the barn, apparently) and she said he said that he wanted her to do it more lightly (she has artificial nails).

Uhm, she brought up that he liked playing in water and liked standing in the deep water.

I asked how he was feeling and she said she felt like she was sick to her stomach and wanted to throw up (and asked if he had been throwing up. I'm not sure if that was a put on or if she doesn't realise horses don't throw up). Anyway, he has been having a bit of an upset tummy (diarrea) so that followed with a conversation about probiotics and if pumpkin would work the way it does for dogs.

Hanna, the barn manager, asked what was up with him every morning (she specifically didn't say what she was really asking) and he said something about she needs to stop changing the routine. Which, she said that they don't. And it was something like...he doesn't want to be brought in last, or near the end.

The issue is: they typically let the horses come in one at a time on their own from the pasture and most every horse knows where their stall is. Apparently Kieran NEVER goes to the right spot. He either goes to the wrong stall, wanders down the other aisle, wanders up to the house, whatever. I think he knows where to go but just chooses not to go there.

She said he was like a boyfriend for me (hopefully not in the "ew" sense) and the love of my life.

Oh, and I asked her to ask him what happened with the people he was with before me. (we got the feeling that they were a bit afraid of him and we've never been able to figure out why) The AC said she was getting an image of like...a racehorse and like maybe they were trying to run him too much or something. That really was inconclusive as, as far as we know, they didn't really ride him. There was also something about it being "like trail riding, but more" which I guess she might have been getting at foxhunting but he's never been. So I don't know.

Oh, she says he likes going trail riding and not so much working in the ring.

But the thing she focused on mainly was that he wants to do more fun things and that I need to lighten up and just have more fun with things.

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