Monday, March 29, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been riding, but it's been a lot of wandering around the farm and nothing really "new" (though we did trot over the logs in the big pasture last weekend! Maybe we can eventually work up to actually jumping over them.) so I haven't felt too compelled to post anything. I haven't been lessoning because my instructor is due to foa-...give birth any day now so she's mostly been at home with her feet propped up and all. ;) She does have a temp instructor who stepped in so I'm planning on at least doing a lesson or two with her (Carey Reed, who also did the first few weeks of training on Kieran) until Christina comes back from stall rest. ;) Maybe then, I'll have something to talk about in regards to me and the pony.

I did get to witness Kieran's Biggest. Spook. Ever. yesterday. He was giving a lesson to a gentleman who has kind of fallen for him (I'm always hearing about if I ever want to give up Kieran, that they'd be glad to take him off my hands, etc.). Uh, anyway, the end door was open and out beyond the end door there's a pile of extra footing covered in a tarp. The tarp wasn't as well weighted down as it should have been (I think stuff got moved around) and it was a bit breezy and while they were passing the end door, a gust of wind came along and lifted that tarp up. Kieran tried to scoot away (pretty sure that was a take-off-into-canter-for-a-couple-of-strides moment) but he came right back for his rider and no harm done. We closed the end door after that though Kieran continued to be suspicious of it. ;)


Rising Rainbow said...

Anything riding is good if you ask me. With the weather we're having riding is out of the question and I'm feeling house bound. YUCK!

SprinklerBandit said...

Wow, with a spook like that I'm impressed that you aren't afraid of him. Sounds vicious.

I mean... canter strides? ;-)

lotsarocks said...

Glad to see a post! Just yesterday I was thinking you'd not posted things here or on FiSH that I could see in a while! (SniperDoo here)

Analise said...

RR, yes, anything riding is definitely good, even when we're just moseying around. We're having some freak coldness happening right now but it's supposed to warm (and clear) up starting tomorrow and be 80 by the end of the week. I can't wait!

SB, yeah, I know right? It was terrifying! :)

SniperDoo, LOL. Aw, it's nice to know people are thinking of lil ole me.