Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some people seem to not understand "negotiations"

I'm currently on a search for a Western saddle for Kieran, as I've mentioned before. I have found a Western saddle that actually fits him, so I don't have to go treeless. Unfortunately, that particular saddle belongs to a friend of mine (and I'm kicking myself because I'm the one who pointed it out to her, LOL). So I've been looking at similar ones online everywhere. Obsessively.

Also kicking myself because I saw exactly what I wanted on Ebay last week but dithered and while I was dithering, someone did Buy It Now and got it. Hah!

So since then, I've been in contact with various people regarding their saddles posted for sale. One person didn't want to use paypal (which makes me kinda nervous, what if I send payment and they never send the saddle? At least with paypal I might be able to get my money back).

Anyhow, someone else had the saddle listed for a bit more than I'd seen it elsewhere in my searches. I mean, obviously not as much as it would cost new, but more than I'd seen it listed for used. So I asked them if they were at all flexible on price and then they asked me how much lower, I quoted something closer to the price range I'd seen it sell for (a bit lower than I actually expected us to settle on) and they contacted me back with, "thanks but no thanks" and I'm sorta like, "what? no counteroffer?"

Was that silly of me to expect? They wanted $475 for the saddle (which is more than I really want to spend. I mean, I've seen older versions of the same brand of saddle go for $300 and less and the newer ones to go for about $400). I offered $400 including shipping, expecting maybe they'd go for $400 PLUS shipping. That sounded reasonable to me. Apparently not to them. No big deal, I'm not in any hurry and I'm willing to wait for the "right" saddle to show up. :)

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