Monday, December 14, 2009

General Stuff

Got up to see the pony on Saturday. Was worried he might be a bit sore since the ground finally froze (of course it's since rained so I imagine it's muddy again...until it freezes again). Spent a lot of time just grooming him and getting him looking almost actually clean, even his fetlocks! Then we went into the ring and I hopped on bareback and Mr.Sometimes-I-forget-how-to-stand-for-mounting stood like a statue. It was, actually, the easiest mount bareback I think I've ever done, even the ones when I was a kid and mounting a much smaller horse. Maybe all the balance work I've been doing with Christina is paying off. ;)

Anyway, we mostly walked around with a bit of trotting and lots of breaks just to stand around and look pretty. (The best part about sitting on a horse bareback in winter is how WARM they are!) Then we went for a quick trot up the driveway and walk back down and we were done!

I sent off a quick email to Christine today to see if maybe she'd show me how to ground drive him. I think it'd be good experience for him (and I've never done it) and it certainly can't hurt to teach him and might be a good option for something to do on days when riding just isn't going to work for whatever reason. I'd love to eventually be able to hitch him up to a cart and take him for a sping around the neighborhood, I bet he'd look pretty flashy. ;)


Dare To Be Different said...

Oh yes! Teach him to ground drive! It's a great learning tool. I taught Turbo to ground drive so when the time comes, all I have to do is get on his back when he is a bit older. He already knows how to steer and stop thanks to ground driving. It's also good for desensitizing against scary stuff like lines rubbing all over their body. Good luck! :)

Analise said...

I'm not overly worried about him needing desensitizing (so far, very little bothers him that I've seen) but it does seem like fun. And the farm has a cart so maybe eventually we could move to teaching him to pull it.

They've also been known to get a horse to drag the arena by pulling a big metal grate thing and I think that'd be fun to do too. ;)