Monday, November 16, 2009

He Keeps me Guessing

So after the wonderful lesson we ended up having last Wednesday, Friday wasn't nearly as good. Neither of us could really get it together. We had the beginning of the lesson start the same as it had on Wednesday and then...I was tense (and I have no idea why) and couldn't get my knees to relax and I'm sure none of that helped him out. And just wasn't pretty. So we ended up doing a lot of exercises to work on me instead of on him. Christina also thinks I should probly remove the knee blocks on my saddle since they just add too much bulk there. I think she's got a point because right near the end we took them off (and he didn't even flinch at the sound of velcro ripping, good boy!) and I did some more trotting and it did feel easier to keep my calf on properly and my knee from pinching. So there was that at least.

Got back up to the barn on Sunday and spent some time cleaning up my mudball of a pony. He'd gone in Christa's lesson earlier that morning, but they didn't have time to really groom him (just got the important, saddle-area bits) so I worked on the rest. That afternoon, we went on a short trail ride (and note: he stood at the mounting block) and then I spent some more time really getting in there and currying the dried mud off his legs.

So what does he do right after I put him back in his field?

Walk around (like a dog) until he gets the muddiest spot he can find and rolls. Even rolls all the way over to make sure he gets full coverage. ;) I expected it, but still. *sigh*

I did get to watch him playing halter tag with Rocky, though, and that was cute. Christine had told me they played but I so far haven't been up there (or outside, I guess) at the right time to see it. I'm glad he's got himself a buddy in the herd since he's the one who tends to get picked on (the pony HATES him.).


SprinklerBandit said...

I've never been a fan of big blocks in saddles, partly for that reason. I think they tend to put a rider in position (correct or not), and keep them there. I prefer the adjustability of being able to move, and I think it makes me a better rider in the long run.

Each to his own, though. Here's hoping your next ride is better.

Analise said...

Yeah, I think for lessons at least I'm keeping the blocks off (that's why they made them velcro, hah.)

My next ride was better! Of course, it was a short trail ride on Sunday (gorgeous day, a reprieve from the icky wet fall we've been having). Which...I just realized I mentioned in the post already.

My next lesson is tonight, so I'm sure I'll have something to report, even if it's only "omg I'm so tiiiired" because we're going for a full hour. :)