Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Trail Ride on the new Pony!

So, Kieran's been off at the trainer and doing incredibly well. As I mentioned in my last post. She rode him all over her property (both alone and with other horses) and he did fine. She got him going w/t/c and stopping from the trot. I went out to ride him there for the first time last Friday. Just did a little walking and trotting, but he felt really good and I was pretty stoked.

Didn't get to ride at all this past weekend, had plans for yesterday but it was raining and she only has an outdoor area to ride.

So today, she carts him up to Gentle Giants for me and I had it in my mind we were going to ride in the indoor. But no, she says, "lets go out on the trail on the property!" and I say, ".....okay!".

So we went out on the trail, and to get there we had to pass scary black tarp on the ground (he didn't care), horses in the field very interested in him (okay, so he cared, but he still listened when I said we had to pass them by), lots of various large parked machinery things (nothing he was worried about) and then we were into the woods. We saw some deer not a minute into the trees and he barely flicked an ear at them. :) We stepped over trees and went through a dry creek bed, he both led and followed, and even went alone away from his trail buddy for a bit and he was just fine and dandy. He tries things, like, "hmmm, this is the way back to the barn, will you let me go that way? No? Uh, okay, we'll go the way you want...."

Anyway, he was really good and I'm really pleased.

I'll be riding him in a lesson tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it. And then this weekend is the big Eastern Short Trail Ride camping trip!!!

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